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Data Marketing


About The Company

DataVue is a Data Marketing company, an ‘R.O.I-Driven’ Data Provider for lead generation strategies! By focusing on taking data to the highest level of accuracy & predictability in numeric proprietary algorithms, they make reaching for pre-qualified consumers simple, without needing to take unnecessary risks.

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Why They Hired Us

DataVue wanted a clean & simple minimalist design showing how data embraces and surrounds people’s everyday life using images and patterns that best showed the concept of data, they weren’t a fan of using illustrations. We were able to successfully execute their perspective & intentions to a user-friendly & modern design with a balanced view of relevant images and content on every page while underlining all sections emphasized by the client.

Project Type

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Design Tools

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Used Typeface


Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg... 1,2,? ! @ # $ %

Used Color Palette





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Customized Websites
No Templates No Themes.

100% Premium


Desktop Version

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Need Help Inducing High User Engagement? We’ll Turn Your Perspective & Ideas

 into a Modern, User-Friendly & Creative Design to Attract the Most Customers Possible!

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Mobile Version

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Let’s design a premium website for your business. 🤝

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