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District wellness

Chiropractic Therapist


About The Company

District Wellness of Arlington Virginia, a premier chiropractor & wellness specialist. They provide full Chiropractic Treatment with their skilled chiropractors trained to manage, assess and help treat all muscular, spinal, joint, and nervous system injuries and medical massages from their licensed massage therapist.

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Why They Hired Us

Their old website needed a redesign to be mobile-friendly. We added new pages to their website and gave it a fresh modern & user-friendly look with great mobile optimization without using Wix's ready-to-use templates but designed a custom look to stand out. While working on their Local SEO and helping their website reach a higher rank in Google Search Results. We also recommended the Wix platform to the client to avoid website maintenance expenses and hassles.

Project Type

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Design Tools

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Customized Websites
No Templates No Themes.

100% Premium


Desktop Version

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Need Help Inducing High User Engagement? We’ll Turn Your Perspective & Ideas

 into a Modern, User-Friendly & Creative Design to Attract the Most Customers Possible!

Mobile Version

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You're a Startup or a Local Business?
Still, You Deserve a Best in Class
High-Quality & SEO Optimized
Website that Converts!


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Having an SEO Optimized website is crucial for Local Businesses.
After a detailed Keyword Research and configuring their WIX SEO Wizard,
we had District Wellness's website rank on the first page and
reach the first results in 3-6 weeks for their main keywords.

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Let’s design a premium website for your business. 🤝

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