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Dr. Alireza Pak

Medical Aesthetic & Laser Center


About The Company

 Dr. Alireza Pak is a doctor of medicine and science. He and his team provide a wide range of excellent and professional youth & beauty services in their Medical Aesthetic & Laser Center in South Paris. They're accustomed to an international clientele for personalized medical face or silhouette treatments.

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Why They Hired Us

Their old website needed a redesign to be mobile-optimized and changed to a luxury yet classic design with a modern taste. They also needed their website to be multi-language with French being its main language for SEO reasons. We organized their various services and multi-language data into a user-friendly and easy-access flow while being visually eye-catching with great mobile optimization. Without using Wix's ready-to-use templates we designed a separate unique custom look for both mobile & desktop that stands out among competitors.

Project Type

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Design Tools

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Development Tools

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Used Typeface


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Used Color Palette





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Customized Multi-Language Websites on WIX
No Templates No Themes.

100% Premium

Desktop Version

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    You Can Have User-Friendly Customized Mobile Optimization Design, Even on WIX!

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Mobile Version

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Let’s design a premium website for your business. 🤝

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