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Marketing Media Agency


About The Company

BrandVerge is an innovative software business evolved into a product-led agency team. They are partnered with 200+ media companies and have helped over 400+ brands partner with these companies, planning their media transparently to increase negotiation power in the market.

Their platform access allows clients to browse media vendors & sponsorship options on-demand and in real-time.


Why They Hired Us

They were looking for a whole new & visually attractive look for their website with a simplified user interface to sort out their multiply confusing pages. We managed to organize all their pages' data & services into a clear and on-point sitemap that helped users know where to look based on their intention & services they wanted. There were a lot of data that had to be gathered and transferred to their new website, we categorized and arranged them all into a new freshened & minimal design aligned with their branding and with a great user experience. Including having all their different online forms turned into one well-defined and specified form page. We also transferred their limited Squarespace site, migrating to a customized WordPress platform with an optimized mobile design. BrandVerge’s new fast & engaging website is now ready to drive in more users and increase its conversion rates.

Project Type

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Design Tools

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Development Tools

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WP Engine

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Used Typeface


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Customized Websites
No Templates No Themes.

100% Premium


Desktop Version

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Need Help Inducing High User Engagement? We’ll Turn Your Perspective & Ideas

 into a Modern, User-Friendly & Creative Design to Attract the Most Customers Possible!

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Mobile Version

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Let’s design a premium website for your business. 🤝

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