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Onward Rides

Healthcare Services


About The Company

Royal Ambulance is a well-known healthcare & EMT service company in San Francisco Bay area. They have recently bought Onward Rides which is a transportation service company for seniors, caregivers, and patients. Their trained drivers offer assisted rides and deliveries to seniors and patients.

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Why They Hired Us

They decided to upgrade the Onward Rides website with our help and expertise. Their former website was on WordPress and we transferred it to the Wix platform with a new freshened look aligned with their new branding after the recent acquisition. Onward Rides is now a fast & user-friendly website with a great custom optimized mobile design similar to a web app with advanced features.

Project Type

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Design Tools

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Development Tools

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Used Typeface

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Customized Websites
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100% Premium


Desktop Version

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Need Help Inducing High User Engagement? We’ll Turn Your Perspective & Ideas

 into a Modern, User-Friendly & Creative Design to Attract the Most Customers Possible!

Mobile Version

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Let’s design a premium website for your business. 🤝

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